11 July 2007

The Red Road to Happy

I haven't posted here for a long while. I want to, but the overwhelming thoughts on my mind today are a bit questionable for this, and possibly any other forum.
So I'm wondering if it's a good idea to give them air.

You know what I mean, something is swirling within your head, and you can't quite decide if it would be wise or foolish to talk about. Maybe the question itself is a good indication.

Erring on the side of caution or throwing caution to the wind?

I wonder why there are days when thoughts can be so consuming, heavy in nature. And other times, thoughts are light, airy and energizing. When by all appearances there is nothing significantly different from one day to the next.

Is it a physiological matter, like blood sugar or hormones?
Is it the tide, the pull of the moon?
Is it metaphysical and dependant on the thoughts I allow versus those I do not?
Could it be the weather, the effect of the draining oppressive high temperatures or of gray skies?

It startles me at times what has the power to thrill me and what does not.
And what has the power to kill my joy and what does not.
I will plan a special day of alone time, with indulgent ingredients like fresh flowers, a trip to the bookstore, champagne in crystal, walking in the sand. But at the end of the day, I'm feeling less satisfied than I would have imagined. I went through all the proper steps, but something didn't take.

Then on the other hand, I'll have no such plans, but hear the perfect song at the perfect moment in an otherwise overwhelmingly imperfect day and suddenly I feel fully re-energized, immortal and taller.

Recently, I cleaned out and reorganized the supply closet at work. It was simply a task on my list of things to do that day. It was a job long overdue and became quite involved. When it was complete, it felt as good as a 'job well done' usually feels. Pretty damn good, if you ask me.

But then over the next few days, I found myself going over to that closet, opening the doors, checking over both shoulders to make sure no one was looking, then stepping back and taking a good deep breath of the order before me. This simple, occasional task had the power to soothe my library tired, road weary soul. I love but would never have predicted such an effect.

For too long now, I've owned a generic, beige dish drainer with no personality at all (still doing my dishes the 'old school' way). It was looking dreary and weary so I grabbed a new one at the store last week. A new RED one. *Sigh* It radiated "pretty and shiny" in the store like all new products are supposed to, emitting that silent but deadly brain twisting radar signal "Buy me, buy me. I will bring you happiness, success, riches untold. If you buy me, you will BE somebody!" Well, don't tell anyone but it's true. It does brings me happiness. Every time I walk by that shiny new RED bauble on my kitchen counter, I stop and smile. Plus it still has that new drainer smell. Win-win.

Who knew happiness, even momentary happiness, could sometimes be found in the color a dish drainer?
Or Aretha Franklin's spelling ability?
Or from running my hands over a perfectly placed box of freshly sharpened #2 pencils?
(Do they make RED #2 pencils?)
Or looking forward to crawling into bed with Harry Potter?

How is it on some days, in some ways, I can be so easily pleased?
Then at other times, that seem no different at all, I am virtually impossible to please?

Do you have unusual events or objects in your life that surprise you at their power to please, to touch your happy spot, to bring you peace? I'd like to hear. Maybe I'm missing out on something that I could be appreciating as much as you do. SHARE!

Admit it, you'll never look at a new RED dish drainer the same again, will ya?