19 June 2009

On the Other Hand . . . . . 'Fair Play'

In the name of equity......

  • Fly strip
  • Heat wave
  • Talking points
  • "Just kidding"
  • Bikini barrista
  • Dry spell
  • White chocolate
  • "What's up?"

Some word pairs that I'm not so crazy about.

I want full, honorary 'gradual' credit from an accredited gradual degree program for all the pairs I'm refraining from listing here.

You're welcome.

16 June 2009

I've Got Just Two Words For You

This morning on the news, that I was not at all watching, one newscaster introduced a story by saying "And now, two of the sweetest words in the English language," then held a moment's breathless pause. "Gone fishing," he said and before he could read another word from the teleprompter, his co-announcer kind of mumbled, "Not the two words I was thinking." Then she didn't say anything else and the story began with a 'throw' to a reporter in the field discussing some fishing crap that I don't care about. But in the few seconds transition time, I'm sure I was not the only non-news watcher wondering 'What two words was she thinking.'

The reporter, on the shore of some Pacific Northwest lake, delayed his banter for a moment and asked "Joyce, what were your two words?" Back at the studio, the friendly meteorologist sitting along side the two main newscasters speculated "Gone shopping." She sweetly replied "No. I don't know, 'love you' or something like that."

This led to some inevitable mental wonderment on my part.

"Hmmmm, two of the sweetest words in the English language.....hmmmm." I automatically began my list and semi-automatically started wondering what the list of others' might look like.

It didn't take long for the beginning of my list to overwhelm my note card. (Or in this case, the back of a library hold slip...) Word pairs, I love thinking about this. Words such as 'long,' 'you,' 'my,' 'full,' 'water,' 'five' don't have much punch standing alone in the world but paired correctly make all the difference

In no certain order, this is what my list of 'Two of the Sweetest Words' looks like:

  • Stormy weather
  • Deep breath
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • "Thank you"
  • Long bath
  • Extended vacation
  • "Good news"
  • My book
  • Porsche Carrera
  • Fore play (compound words totally count)
  • Cos Mopolitan (as do individual words said with a breath between syllables)
  • Ruby slippers
  • Pink peonies
  • Dark chocolate
  • "I agree"
  • Open mind
  • Barbie's bestseller
  • Barbie's bestsellerssssssssss
  • Beach house
  • Val Kilmer
  • "Allow me"
  • Clam chowder
  • Great sex
  • Deep sleep
  • Hot fudge
  • Royalty check
  • Lavender candles
  • Be wilderment (be flexible with me here...)
  • I vote
  • "That's genius"
  • French fries
  • Heart felt
  • Color crayons
  • Air conditioning
  • Word smith
  • Wet sand
  • Brownie sundae
  • Sleeping naked
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Zero balance
  • "Good thinking"
  • Bon Appetit
  • My grandson
  • Everlasting peace
  • White Christmas
  • Full Monty
  • "Feel free"
  • Early retirement
  • Good energy
  • Dark truffles
  • Made bed
  • "Can't wait"
  • Water colors
  • "Too thin"
  • Free gas
  • Writer's group
  • Give away
  • Fresh air
  • Five star
  • Multiple orgasm (yes, yes, yes)
  • More dessert (oh wait, isn't that the same thing?)
  • "Rest assured"
  • Tenth bestseller
  • "Dead sexy"
  • Snow day
  • Independent wealth
  • Dirty Mother
  • "I'll help"
  • Dark clouds
  • Letting go
  • All gratitude
  • Good news
  • The end

What would some of your favorite Sweetest Word pairs be? I wonder. (Oh, another great pair)

It's been fun thinking about all day.

I highly recommend it.

14 June 2009


Okay. Let's see here. . . . . are we ready for take off?

  • Time to write: CHECK

  • Solitude: CHECK

  • PC w/ keyboard & 'Word': CHECK

  • Ten Able Fingers: CHECK

  • Timer: CHECK

  • Opportunity: CHECK

  • Motivation: What?

  • Inspiration: Wait...let me look....it was here a second ago.....Let me get back to you on that.