27 September 2009

"Claudia, what have we told you?"

Okay, here’s the deal. I have a couple of very important projects I must work on. I get to work on. This is not negotiable. Period!

One is a long standing piece with a ‘working title.’ Doesn’t that sound like a real grown up writer? “Working title.” Say it with your chin dropped firm into your chest and with a bit of Walter Cronkite in your tone. "Working title." Like you mean business.

The other piece is my strong desire and intention to post a blog in the immediate future. It’s time. It’s been long enough and it helps to clear my mind when I post. All good.

Last night held the perfect opportunity.

Well okay, perfection is apparently relative. But given the distracting, cluttery, crowded, boarding house nature of my immediate vicinity, it was as perfect as I could force it to be. I left a few hurt feelings in my wake, but hell people, exactly what is it about the Do NOT Disturb sign on my bedroom door that do you not understand?

With my laptop cocked and loaded, appropriately positioned across my lap, with my hollow, pre-fab bedroom door closed tight, I’m armed with the complete confidence that these two overdue projects are as good as done. Whew, that feels good.

Let me share with you an insight into my heartfelt priorities.

  • I am not a Tom Cruise fan.

  • Nor Brad Pitt.

  • I have very successfully never seen any part of any Antonio Banderas film.

  • I do not do horror flicks.

  • And I am not infected with the highly contagious and common ‘vampire as entertainment’ virus.

That being said, the movie “Interview with a Vampire?” Holy cow. I have an involuntary, physical reaction to a man with long, flowing hair. Now let’s be clear, I am not speaking of just any guy who can grow his hair long. There are a frightening number of men who grow their sparse, thinning hair long, in denial of their receding hair line. And probably an equal quantity who attempt to cling to their heavy metal glory days with a pony tail and all his pre-sets on classic rock stations.

No. Not just any long hair can be the magic key to the kingdom. A man cannot coast in on his long hair alone. No, he must be a relatively fetching man to start. Like the perfect ribbon on a well wrapped package. The finishing touch on the original sweet substance. “All of this plus the added bonus of a long, powerful mane.”

I have not traced from where this attraction originates. Mostly because I don’t care. Is it a Jesus thing? A Fabio complex? Could be, I suppose. Who knows? Isn’t it a distraction to question such a pure reaction?

"Interview with a Vampire." Who knew? It came out way back in 1994, and all this time I had no idea.

This movie may be the Super Jackpot for my hair predilection. Tom, Brad & Antonio? These are admittedly pretty boys, although not my kind of pretty, still it’s a trip to bountiful for me, only with a really happy ending.

I’d never seen the movie before but as it was on my TV last night, I found that my very important ‘working title’ piece and my confident blog post intentions fell unceremoniously by the bedside. And an unexpected erotica piece happened to me instead. Huzzah!

Okay, well not truly erotica, I suppose. Since there was no actual sex written in anywhere. Will you quit taking things so literal?

So in hindsight, maybe “…not negotiable. Period!” is just a loose guideline.

PS: I do not know how old Kirsten Dunst is in this movie but I loved every bloody fanged frame she was in. I found her fascinating. Although her golden locks were a bit short.